VideoROI is a complete course that specifically focuses on YouTube Marketing. VideoROI is the result of James's six years of experience, mistakes, discoveries, and research on the World’s 2nd Largest Search Engine and Largest Social Media Site: YouTube! 

YouTube is James's #1 Traffic Generator, and inside VideoROI, he will simply show you how to make it yours.

Throughout this course, James will provide you with information on: 

  • The Perfect Video Formula: What to say in your videos to hypnotically attract customers and COMPEL THEM INTO ACTION! 
  • A Simple Ranking System: How to get your videos ranked at the top of YouTube and Google for MAXIMUM EXPOSURE! 
  • Conversion Techniques: How to convert your VIEWS into LEADS and convert your leads into HAPPY CUSTOMERS! 
  • How to generate exponential results in your business… by DOING LESS, WHILE MAKING MORE! 

VideoROI is available to purchase in full for $177 or with two monthly payments of $97. Once you have purchased the course in-full or completed your two monthly payments, you will have lifetime access to the training material and receive free updates to the course content as well! 

If you would like more information on what VideoROI has to offer and/or enroll in the course, please click on the button provided below: 

If you would like even further information on what the VideoROI course has to offer, we invite you to attend the FREE, upcoming webinar: "The 7 Steps To Profiting From YouTube In 2017." 

For more information on how to register for this FREE upcoming webinar, please click on the button provided below: 

Reel Marketing Insider 4.0
is a membership subscription that encompasses two components of Video, STRATEGY, and EXECUTION. 

This is where you learn how to make effective marketing videos that drive traffic and CONVERT! The following topics are included in the Reel Marketing Insider 4.0 membership:

Strategy: We teach our members several ways to use VIDEO to get results in your business, including: 

  • How to craft the perfect sales videos that ATTRACT, ENGAGE and CONVERT.
  • How to increase your exposure, views, and traffic with social Video on sites like Facebook, YouTube, and others.
  • How to craft a profitable product launch with video. 
  • How to use paid advertising on social media to reach more people.
  • How to create teaching/course videos that provide value and virtually sell themselves.
  • How to Outsource Your Videos on any budget. 
  • ...and MORE!!!

Execution: We teach our members the in's and out's of creating BETTER Videos. 

  • How to set up your film studio. 
  • Choosing the right equipment (on any budget). 
  • Exactly what to say in your videos.
  • How to position your lighting, improve your audio and frame your shot.
  • ...and MORE!!!

The Reel Marketing Insider 4.0 membership access is based on a monthly payment of $49 per month or an annual payment of $399 per year. Included in the RMI 4.0 membership, you will receive: 

  • Access to 8 AMAZING training modules. 
  • Access to the Reel Marketing Insider 4.0 'Members Only' Facebook group. 
  • Access to the monthly LIVE Coaching Calls with James himself!

If you would like more information on what the Reel Marketing Insider 4.0 membership has to offer and/or enroll in the program, please click the button provided below: 

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