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What is Business By Design LIVE?
What is Business By Design LIVE?

BBD LIVE event description.

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BBD LIVE is a FREE, 3-day, virtual, LIVE event that provides Business By Design Members with the opportunity to apply the Business By Design online curriculum to the “real world.” 

Throughout this 3-day event, BBD Members will receive:

  • Real-time coaching and guidance from James and his entire Team.

  • In-person hot seats that will allow you to receive feedback from James and your brilliant, fellow BBD Members as well. 

  • Networking with like-minded entrepreneurs, so you can build partnerships, find affiliates for your product, and collaborate in a fun, pressure-free zone.

As a Member of Business By Design, we invite and encourage you to join us on the upcoming BBD LIVE event in-person, taking place from December 5th, 6th, and 7th in Phoenix, Arizona.

If you have any questions regarding the BBD LIVE event, please feel free to contact our Customer Success Team HERE!

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