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What is BBD and is it right for me?
What is BBD and is it right for me?
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Business By Design is James' signature online marketing training program that shows Digital Entrepreneurs how to package and monetize their knowledge through Online Courses, Membership Sites, Group Coaching, or Masterminds. It was not created for brick and mortar establishments or physical product sales.

Business By Design is unique in how the content is delivered to its Members and focuses on getting Members into action first. It does this by providing you with the exact systems, processes, and launch maps that James uses with his team in his own business.

If you are a total newbie looking to get started, these process maps give you a clear step-by-step roadmap (like a LEGO instruction manual!) for building your list, creating your program, and launching it successfully into the marketplace.

If you are a seasoned marketer, these launch processes are a resource that you can download and hand off to your team for more effective and effortless launches.

James doesn't only show people how to create a course, but also how to launch several different ways, whether it's using a Webinar, Challenge, Video Series, or Email Promotion. BBD isn't just about creating successful launches; it's the entire manual for creating an actual business.

Since we feel that the market is "coursed out" and completely overwhelmed, many people suffer from too much knowledge and not enough action. We believe that Business By Design is the antidote.

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