If you are a total newbie looking to get started, these process maps give you a clear step-by-step roadmap (like a LEGO instruction manual!) for building your list, creating your program, and launching it successfully into the marketplace. It includes everything you would need to know as a beginner, with multiple options and approaches you can take based on your needs.

In fact, Business By Design includes several bonuses to support you if you're just getting started:

- Nail Your Niche Masterclass: Not sure of your niche? This will walk you through a series of exercises so that you can clearly identify and communicate who you are in the marketplace, what you do, and who you're here to serve.

- Program Design Masterclass: Have an idea but haven't created your product yet? This program will help you get your business idea out of your head and into a program for your customers to consume!

- Your First 100 Leads: Don't have anyone to launch your product to? This will help build your list to have an audience that's actually interested in your stuff. Next step... your first happy paying customers!

And if you are a seasoned marketer, these launch processes are a resource that you can download and hand off to your team for more effective and effortless launches.

James doesn't only show people how to create a course, but also how to launch several different ways, whether it's using a Webinar, Challenge, Video Series, or Email Promotion. BBD is the entire manual for creating an actual business, not just having successful launches.

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